July 27, 2002 ~ January 20, 2013
Black Female
Out of Tanker x Rosie
I want you to know that Comus is to be put to sleep tomorrow afternoon. Yesterday, the vet found a mass in her stomach. She had a surgery last winter for a gum tumor and her recovery then was unexpectedly difficult. So we know, this is a no go. She began having difficulties eating a week ago. But I thought it might be a resurgence of the gum problem. So we are in shock and heartbroken. But I want you to know that you gave us the Best Person in our house, Comus the bounding, black Labrador. Always patient, with kind brown eyes and a wagging tail. She stayed at a friend’s house on a vacation. The husband, who is another Greek who hates dogs, was stunned to see that Comus would not touch food on low slung tables, would not bolt out the front door, and listened when he told her to “sit”. Subsequently, they got a dog. Sadly not a Lab, but a Jack Russell! Ha. Their loss.

So I wanted to thank you for giving us such a dog as our sweet Comus. We will mourn and miss her, but we will never forget how she made each of us feel: loved.