HR Rhumbline’s Coastwise Tanker CC CD MH QA2 "Tanker"
May 24, 1993 ~ June 23, 2007
Yellow Male
OFA Hips Excellent, Elbows Normal, Cardiac Normal, Cerf Clear
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Reg #: SN07781101
18 All Age points - 2 Open seconds, Am Win
It is with a very heavy heart and a hole in my soul that I am writing to let you all know that my best buddy passed away yesterday morning. He was 14 years old and took me places I would never have been without him. More importantly then his many accomplishments and the kids, grand kids and great-grand kids that so many of you have or know. He was my best buddy, my soulmate, and a true friend. We could just look in each others eyes and understand. For most of the year Joe did not really exist in Tanks mind, but come hunting season it was I who did not exist, he would come back from hunting stare at me and sigh, I know he understood it was OK with me to have another "best buddy" during hunting season. Tank loved any kind of bird, but he favorite by far was a cripple goose, the bigger the better. He had so many nicknames throughout his life the lastest being Bubba because he was just a good old boy. I will remember him in my heart forever. We will morn he passing for a long time but will enjoy the many fine memories he has given us.

Be good my Tank man, may the birds be plenty-ful and the rules few until we meet again.

HR Rhumbline's Coastwise Tanker CC CD MH QAA
18 All Age points including 2 Open seconds, Am first and second, JH SH and MH without ever failing a Test. 8 Derby points. 6 Consecutive Finished passes with HRC (never got his HRCH because we only ran 2 a year and he got to old too soon) Preserve Dog, Hunting dog and best truck buddy you could want.

Say hey to Bucc for me and Izzy, Striker, Rosie, Cajun and Raider. I bet Dad will throw some balls for you when he is done sailing for the day.