Rhumbline’s Compass Rose CC CD MH QAA "Rosie"
July 06, 1995 ~ March 16, 2007
NFC FC Candlewood's Raisa Ruckus x Candlewood's Lotsa Go, CD MD
Bred by: Susan Carpenter
Black Female
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Reg #: SN26344101
I just wanted to let everyone one know that one of my best Labs Rosie died this AM. She was a great old dog who taught many people how to handle and run hunt tests. She loved competing with all her heart and would sing all the way to Robins Island.

As good as she was competing and hunting she was even better as a friend and companion. Many of you will remember her through her kids and grandkids that you own and train with and I am sure love as much as we loved our Rosie.

Good Bye my friend you will be missed more then words can say.


Give your dogs a hug and mean it.