Rhumbline’s Twist of Fate CDX JH MX MXJ "Twist"
January 19, 2002 ~ April 07, 2007
Black Female
OFA Hips Excellent, Elbows Normal, Patella Normal, Cerf Clear
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Reg #: SN00117706
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Twist’s Epilogue
On the evening of Twist's passing, April 7, 2007, I cried as anyone would expect I would. However, not only was I crying for all the reasons one would expect, I cried worrying if Twist would come to me as I knew she would for Mark - in his dreams or showing him signs. Mark has always had a strong belief in the after life. I felt all the more reason why Twist would come to him and not to me. I could not be more wrong!
The morning following her passing, I went outside to her usual potty area location. I looked up at the sun shinning between two parallel trees covered with ivy which stand just beyond this area of my yard. All around me was dark as if expecting a storm. In the air I noticed some particles floating. I tried to make out what it was…dust, pollen, ashes? The next thing I saw were snowflakes. I looked right then left……nothing! The flakes were coming from the sunbeam through these two trees and directly onto me. I squinted my eyes, straining to see if I could see any other snowflakes either in my yard or my neighbors. Once again, nothing. I said out loud questioning, "Twist?" Still being the skeptic I am, I refused to believe it was her. At that moment, it grew even darker and the wind picked up fiercely as if to slap me in the face. Then it began to snow all over. I figured I had been right, it wasn't Twist after all. What happened next was even more amazing. As quickly as it started, it stopped, only once again with the same sunbeam shinning on me, with the snowflakes coming again directly from the sun, through the two trees and onto me. I told Twist right then and there, I would never doubt her again. Every morning I return to my spot in the yard where she first came to me and say, "good morning, Twist."
About a week later while driving home from work, taking the same route I do every day, I was thinking of Twist, and wondered if she would ever come to me again. I missed her so. I told her I would love to receive another sign one day. It didn't have to be soon but something I would know was from her. I began to think of what she could do. I told her if someday I was hiking in the woods and I came across an orange ball (her favorite of all balls), I would know it was her. It was then, within minutes of my thoughts when I looked to see in the left median on the Wantagh Pkwy this huge orange ball!! I guess Twist was afraid, knowing my poor eyesight that somehow I might miss seeing a small ball. I cried in disbelief. Twist always did thing in a big way and so fast. I guess she heard my prayers and answered it big and fast.
I have tried not to ask her for anymore signs in order to prove she is with me. I now look for the more subtle ones: in the flowers, trees, sun and moon. Twist loved to ride in the car and went everywhere with me. One day while getting into my car, I noticed in my garden, a daffodil. My favorite flower. It seemed odd to be the only one of its kind anywhere. For the next few days, I checked to see if there were any others. Nothing. Just this lone daffodil whose petals always faced my car despite the fact the sun never rose or set in that direction. This went on for over a week. Every morning before stepping into my car I muttered softly, "good morning, Miss Twist. Want to go for a ride?" It was not until this daffodil wilted and died did any of my others rise and bloom.
Me a skeptic? Never again!
~ Karen Lechner