June 10, 2004 ~ February 26, 2009
Black Male
Out of Rooster x Rebel
Dear Sue,
It is with a very heavy broken heart that I write to you today. Our beloved Tosh passed away this morning at 7:15 Spanish time. He got hold of rat poison at a neighbors house and died within 24 hours. We did everything we could possibly do to save him and are all devastated by his loss.
Although as you know, we had a tough start with Tosh, we both hung in and he turned out to be a GREAT dog and best friend to the boys, myself and our other dogs Cody (the newf) and Tilly (the mini doxi). We cannot imagine life without Tosh and are not sure how to make it til tomorrow without him. He slept in my youngest son's bed, with his head on the pillow and his body under the covers! We are destroyed. Here in Spain, we feel so far away from Tosh's home and where his family is.
We won't ever replace Tosh, nor would we want to. The boys are asking if we do get a new puppy after the wounds heal, could he be related to Tosh. I am not sure about whether Tosh's mom and dad are still making puppies, but maybe an aunt or uncle? Who knows. Too early to tell. After the death of my last Lab, I needed to wait 5 years. With children it is different but I am not sure when we will be ready for another pup.
I am enclosing photos of Tosh so you can see how beautiful he turned out and what a part of our family he was. I am sorry for such sad news. He had a wonderful life but it was cut way too short. Please give his mom a kiss from all of us and we will be in touch.
Best, Ann Carey Diaz