Riparian Storm Warning SH "Stormy"
June 09, 1992 ~ August 18, 2007
Black Female
Dear Susan and Joe,
It is with great sadness that I must tell you that I had to make the terrible decision to have Stormy put to sleep yesterday morning. It's something that Vets do very well and she died peacefully in my arms.

In the last two months she was not eating properly, and two days ago she stopped eating alltogether. The suspected cause was liver cancer which, of course, is a terminal situation. Stormy was truly a one in a million, loyal friend, a superb retriever, and a joy to be around. I am having her cremated and plan to divide her ashes here on the beach where she loved to run and swim, and the rest at the Salm estate where she loved to work for some twelve years.

To say that right now I am terribly saddened is an unerstatement; but I am comforted by knowing that she never suffered nor will she now.

You well know what this situation is like.....and it isn't easy. I think I do detect that Nancy misses Stormy. She's acting very quiet.

Jim Frevola, my Vet, assured me that I made the correct decision.......especially since she had now lost over 16 lbs. I have to forever thank you for sharing with me a large chunk of her life. I was constantly in awe of her and her superb and talented abilities as a hunting companion. She was much too concerned in her role as a companion to be a successful , modern type field trial dog. And that was the only reason that you were able to part with her, other than her suspected eye problem. In the end, as you know, she was quite blind and very hard of hearing. I am so glad that she did get to spend those few days with you in July. She never forgot you and I know she was happy to be back home was Nancy.

I'm so sorry to be the bearer of this sad news......but I suspect you realised that this conclusion wasn't too far off.I saw Karen at the Golden Meet this afternoon and she kindly gave me your e-mail address. She was also glad to meet up with "Fancy" again.

Thanks again for having given me the privilege of having Stormy as my house and shooting companion for such a long time. She was simply the very best.

Sincerely........Ham and "Fancy".