HRCH Rhumbline’s Stowaway CD CC MH QAA Derby Pointed "Sailor"
"Sailor Mama"
November 10, 1995 ~ January 19, 2011
Black Female, Born 11-20-95, Out of Tanker and Striker
OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal, Cardiac Normal, Cerf Clear, Optigen B, EIC & CNM Clear
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Reg #: SN30144901
​Sailor is the banner girl for the AKC hunt test banner!
"My heart is too heavy at the moment to write much, certainly not to write enough to do Sailor's life these past 15 years with me justice. So, for now, I am merely going to say, Rest well my old friend, have fun with all those who have gone before you. I know it is not in your nature but give dad a big sloppy kiss for me. I miss you already more then words can say".
It has taken far too long for me to write this; there have been many starts and more tears then I care to think about. Even now, 6 weeks later, as I sit down to finally write about the most perfect Labrador ever, the tears are running down my face and there is a lump in my throat that makes it hard to swallow.  My heart aches so I know she is in there but I so long to pet her one last time or to look over next to me in the truck and see her beautiful face. She is far from the first of the 4-legged loves that I have lost and because these beings share our lives for just a fraction of our time here on earth there will be many more. However, to write about Sailor and losing her has been the hardest I have had to write.  I never did manage to write about some of the dogs that preceded her; her mother Striker and her Grandfather Bucc. She is in part who she was because of them, but she was unique in so very many ways.  I know that she is up there playing with all of them standing quietly, while the others bark and run, willing you with her soul and her eyes to turn and look at them to give her a turn of her own.

She was such a perfect dog is so very many ways. If I heard her bark twice in 15 years that would have been a lot.  She always did what you asked when you asked and to the best of her ability. Perhaps in different hands she would have been famous.  Joe and I called her “Love Me NOW Damn it”, because when she decided it was her turn for petting or loving, there was no denying her and you did it then for as long as she wanted.  She didn’t ask often or for long but when she did, it was wonderful.  Fifteen years is a long time to share with a dog, and I cherish every second she gave to me (and Joe).  The stories, ribbons and awards, the hunting trips, Robins Island, moving to Mattituck, trips south training and even being there to comfort me when Dad passed away.  Winning the Field Trial Bitch class at the Nationals and getting a CD leg with Karen while I stayed home for the funeral, just shows how special a dog she was.

It was flyer days or hunting when you could see her eyes sparkle and dance that I will probably miss the most, even this past fall at 15 seeing a bird take flight brought a smile to her eyes and a dance to her heart.

Sailor Derby pointed, was a two time winner of the Field Trial Bitch Class at the National Specialty, Qualified All Age, Master Hunter, 17 Master Passes, Hunting Retriever Champion, Confirmation Certificate and at over 10 years old earned her Companion Dog Title.  Mother, Grandmother, Great-grandmother. Dam of QAA, MH, HRCH, HR, UD, MX, MXJ and other title holders. An amazing wonderful, kind dog, who never met a person or animal she did not like, and I can honestly say everyone who knew her loved her.   To know Sailor was to know a wonderful kind special soul, to look into her eyes was too look into her soul and know peace.

Rest well my friend, have fun with those that have gone before you, and enjoy all the Brant you can find.  Give Dad a “Love Me NOW” look for me as I am sure he will give you all the love you want.

'Till we meet again Momma Dog, know I loved you more then words can say.


It’s been nine years and I can still remember clearly the day I first set eyes on her. She had delivered a litter of puppies just 3 weeks prior. I went to see them under the premise I just wanted to check them out and get a look at the different generations with hopes of seeing what these pups might look like or be like one day.

As I walked through the gate, I was greeted by a swarm of dogs. Not one of them stood still long enough for me to get a good look. They barked with excitement, bringing tennis ball after tennis ball, as if to say, “Throw the ball”, “throw the ball.” Amidst all the chaos, there she stood, waiting in the wings; Sailor, the mother of my soon to be puppy. Her face, eyes and expression shined so bright that even though she never moved or said a word, she stood out even among the ruckus. In years to come I learned this was always Sailor’s way. She was a perfect lady, never pushy, always waiting her turn. The other dogs could be jumping around wanting a bumper or ball to be thrown, but I could feel her eyes on me, so soulful and patient just waiting her turn. I cannot say if anyone else ever experienced this with her other than me. Perhaps it was just the special connection we had. She was my “Sailor Mama”. There was no denying our bond. Not only did she produce my special little girl Twist but Sailor has given me so many wonderful memories of our own. Earning her CD title with me was just one of many.

Sailor will always hold a special place in my heart. Had it not been for her, my life would not be where it is. I would not have the dogs I have, nor would I have met the many wonderful people who are such an important part of my life today. I will forever be grateful to Sailor and to Sue for breeding such a wonderful dog.

My Sailor Mama, you will be thought of often & forever be missed.

Love, Karen


Dear Sue and Joe,

We are SO sorry for your incredible loss. I will always remember Sailor as Sunny's grandma.

How maternal and accepting she looked as she sat in the yard with Sunny and all her littermates running around her! Oh and teaching the young-uns to respect Grandma by not jumping all over her at their first birthday party, but then even Grandma Sailor wore a party hat!

It was such a joy to see the home where Sunny was raised, and where her mama Schooner and Grandma Sailor lived.

What a legacy of joy and love you have given to each one of us, and we are incredibly grateful.

Love to you,

Liz, Scott and Sunny