December 21, 1996 ~ June 05, 2009
Black Female
Out of Tanker x Rosie
It is with the greatest sorrow that I write you about Sabrina's passing. She was our love and gave us so much joy there was no day that we did not experience happiness and love with Sabrina. I miss her so much. She was fine, then Tuesday night she was retching and I took her to the Animal Medial Center. She had pneumonia and was not able to survive it as her heart stopped while on a respirator on Friday Morning. As Susan told me it was good for her to go so quickly but bad for us. We only want the best for our beloved Sabrina and are grateful for her not having to suffer. We loved her so much that it is with the deepest grief I write this now. I love her so very much and can't bear her leaving. It is so hard and I am so sad and devastated by her passing. She slept next to me every night as well in other beds she had 4 and when she would cuddle up at night it was the happiest moment of my day. To feel her warm body next to mine. I always missed her when she would leave in the morning to go lay in her bed in the living room. She was lying with Leigh and I outside on the chaise chairs a few days ago in the sun and I thought how perfect a moment it was with all three of us together. It was the last but will remain forever in my memory.
I wrote this letter to her:
Dear Sabrina,
I miss you so much. I loved you more than anything. I am so sad not to have you here any more. I miss you everyday in so many ways. In the morning when you want to go out and you come to the side of my bed to let me know you want to go out.
When recently you barked when you wanted to get up on the bed and I had to say come up. How you cuddled next to me on the bed and how when there was a storm you lay on top of me and I put the medicine on your collar so you weren’t afraid. How you loved swimming in the ocean and water and how when I would say go left to find your ball you knew left and if I said right you knew right how you loved to go to Manor Dog Park and play. I loved how you lay with Leigh and I on the chairs outside just the other day. All three of us. I knew it was a rare moment when we were all together. I hated to see it end when I got up to go inside for something and you followed me. How the other day when you humped me when I was planting the flowers I brought back from New Jersey. How you got my sneaker and I had to yell at you to let it go. How you brought your stuffed toy to be to thrown, as you didn't know where your ball was. How you barked when any deliveryman came or even if a car came across the street. How you loved Alex and Stephen to take you for a walk and give you treats. How you would sit in the kitchen waiting for me to prepare your breakfast in the morning and how you would always leave a few pieces in the bowl at the end. How you loved to get into the car. How you would bark at night at something in the back yard and I would have to either wait for you to stop or go back and get you. How you would come up to me when you wanted me to pet you on the neck and you would scratch me if I stopped before you were finished getting your petting.
You were the smartest dog, you knew when to go left or right in the water for the ball or outside when I threw the ball and it would go under the fence and we would look for it down the street.
You were the most sensitive of dogs, careful to move away when I was carrying something that could fall on you or drop.
You always seemed to get the illness that your Daddy had. His eyes were getting bad and then yours were, he had a problem walking and then you had, then last month he had pneumonia and was in the hospital for 2 weeks and now you got it only fatally.
I loved and still love you.
These were just recent memories. We had 12 and a half wonderful years with you. We took you to learn agility training for a few years; we went every day to the Dog Park for several years. We took you swimming every day for several years. Leigh took you every day to Van Courtland Park on a walk every day until he was no longer able to walk.
You always knew when Leigh was going to take you for a walk even before he said walkies, or put his shoes on. He always said how amazing it was how you knew before he gave any indication that he was going to take you for a walk. We took you to dog camp in the summer for a few years just for Labs. There were so many things we did with you. You were the most important in our life and we will never forget you and always love you. May your spirit be with us always.
I love you Sabrina with all my heart.