Rhumbline’s Go For The Gold "Powell"
August 11, 2009 ~ March 03, 2011
Black Male
Out of Tyler x Gyro
He is a full brother to Corey, Drake, Gemo, Jack Sparrow, Murphy, Scope and Tucker
Reg #: SR578899
Owner Petra Ford
A beautiful video dedicated to the memory of Powell.


Pow's first agility run in his standard class.
Powell training and heeling.
Powell training.
August 11, 2011
Happy Birthday Powell. When I met you, you stole my heart. When you left me, you broke it... Wish I could hug you one more time - you always hugged me back. I miss your howl, your sense of humor, your intelligence, your enthusiasm for life, your loyalty...I just plain miss you...

~ Petra Ford