OTCH MACH3 SHR Rhumbline's Pepsi With a Twist UDX11 OGM VER MXC MJC XF JH WC "Pepsi"
Black Female, Born 05-01-07, Out of Laddy and Docker
​She is a full sister to Bodie, Gunner, Luna and Maya
Reg #: SR42921003
Owner: Karen Lechner
For the 3rd year in a row, Pepsi was invited and attended the 2015 NOC held in St. Louis, MO
Pepsi qualified for the AKC's 2014, 2013 and 2012 National Obedience Championships.
She also qualified for the AKC 2012 and 2011 National Agility Championship.
Click here to read Karen's adventure with Pepsi at the 2012 National Obedience Invitational!
Pepsi earned her MACH title at the Long Island agility trial April 10, 2011.  
Pepsi is the first Rhumbline dog to earn this title and she did it less than 2 years!!!
Watch Pepsi competing at the 2015 NOC
Watch Pepsi's first run of her MACH!
Watch Pepsi's second and final run of her MACH!
Obedience Team Event 2011 Lab Nationals
Theme: Working Labs
left to right: DEA dog, Hunting dog (Pepsi), Search & Rescue dog, Guide dog