Rhumbline’s Maximum Overdrive "Max"
July 06, 1995 ~ November 26, 2006
Black Male
Littermate to Rosie
Reg #: SN26344105
I am not electronically adanced and do not have any digital photos of him. I will try to get some photos converted. For the record, his registered name was "Rhumbline's Maximum Overdrive" (SN26344105). He was OFA rated excellent but never bred. His achievements included: MH (passed17 of 23; failing 5 for breaking on a flyer), 2003 Master National finalist (tougher group-less than 30% passed), QAA in Canada and US. Jams and points in Canada. He was quite fluent in pheasant, grouse, quail, woodcock, snipe, ducks and geese.
While I have numerous memories of him, two jump out. I would read Jim Dobbs book or watch a section of the Lardy tapes at night and then try to teach the skill to Max the next day; he was really tolerant of my incompetence. The other was at age 9, he took a pheasant track for a mile out of the cover and up a big hill. We never got a shot or even saw that bird flush but we heard it. Very few birds got away from that guy!
You probably don't remember, but when I called about a pup, I was was looking for a good hunting dog who would be able to pass a few hunt tests and place in sanctioned trials. Max proved far more talented than I had aspired. He had abilities far beyond my skills as a trainer/handler. With him by my side, I came to think I was quite a trainer. Two subsequent trial dogs have proven to me that I am not nearly as gifted as Max made me feel.