Rhumbline’s Guinness Is Good JH "Guinness"
September 17, 1999 ~ November 25, 2010
Black Male
Out of Tanker x Blaze
He is a full brother to Pepper
Reg #: SR67502007
Owner:  Danielle R. Pellicci
Giving Thanks ... On this day I am thankful to have had 11 wonderful years with an amazing dog.
I said good-by to my oldest and truest friend this morning.
If not for him I would never have met so many wonderful friends and been involved in the dog sports I am now so passionate about. I owe so much of the happiness I have had in my adult life to this great dog.
He was a pain in the A$$ and a lot of dog to handle and train but what a better way for me to learn then with what will probably be the biggest challenge of all my dogs.
He lived with me in 3 states. 
He was with me for 2 husbands. ; )
He was at the foot of my bed in 5 different homes.
He was a strong and lion-hearted dog with boundless energy and a desire to retrieve like none other I will ever see again.
I would like to think that he is resting "in peace" but rather, I am sure he's tearing it up and raising some hell someplace. As it should be.
Danielle R. Pellicci
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