Rhumbline’s Alligator Reef JH "Gator"
November 20, 1995 ~ January 31, 2009
Once again I find myself writing about a lost loved one. Gator belonged to both Laura and I but there was never any doubt about whose dog he really was, where ever he was you were sure to see Laura, he would follow her so closely that he would step on her feet. As a young dog with very little training he received his JH in four straight and was almost ready for senior when I moved out. Gator of course stayed behind with Laura as they were inseparable, they shared a heart and mind. So his field training ended and his life as someone's best friend continued on. Over the years he sired a few wonderful litters and gave Laura, Cash and Rigger who are also at home today missing the big man. I know to most dog people that "first" dog that is truly yours will never be replaced, and always holds a special place in your heart but then there are the once in a life time dogs, those that you would die for. Gator was both of those things to Laura, and with his passing she now has a hole that will never be filled, even though he will remain in her heart forever. Rest in peace my friend, may there be more tennis balls then you could ever want and arms to throw them endlessly for you. Don't forget to say hi to dad for us.