HR Rhumbline’s Revenue Cutter CC MH "Cutter"
February 13, 1999 ~ September 17, 2012
My Heart and Soul
I will forever miss you.
National Specialty Class Placement and a Qualifying JAM!!
Yellow Female, Born 02-13-99, Out of Tanker and Blaze
OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal, Patellas Normal, Cardiac Normal, Cerf Clear, Optigen A, EIC & CNM Clear
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Reg #: SN61605801
Where do I start, how do I start? It was only 3 weeks ago I said my last goodbyes, to two other dogs I loved so much. Where would there be room for the new pain and the new loss. My heart already broken now lies shattered.
It was a week ago today, that I sat holding Cutter knowing as only we humans have the pain of knowing, that it was our last night together, the last time we would sit in the recliner together, the last time we would do anything together. I wonder if she was curious as to why I held her just a little tighter, why instead of falling asleep I stayed up for hours talking with her, petting her, trying to burn the memory of the feel and smell of her into me. Dawn came far too fast, and with it the start of our last day together. How I wished for that day to last forever.
If you knew Cutter, you would have known an amazing dog. The kind of dog that only comes along once in a lifetime. Sure there were dogs that won more, had more titles, were sweeter but I doubt there were many that were as good hunting as she was and I know there were none more loyal and loving to me or her pack. She would have defending us to her death.
From the day Cutter’s eyes opened for the first time until the day they closed for the last time, they could see into my soul. There was never any question she would be the pup to stay. She was her Grandfather Bucc in so very many ways yet she was unique and special in her own way.
I should write more, she deserves so much more, but I can’t see through the tears and I can’t think past the pain of my shattered heart. Forgive me Cutter for not writing more.
My dear Cutter-Butt I will forever miss you and all the wonderful things we did together. Looking in your eyes was like looking into my own soul and the comfort of you sleeping in my lap or your head resting on my leg as we drove made me feel as if together we could do anything.
I know somehow God has worked it out so that you can have ALL the birds you want (I think they must have their own heaven). I am sure Maggie and Rebel have stayed nearby to show you the way. Let them know I still miss them so.
Until I get to stare into your eyes again, I know the birds will be plentiful and the rules few. Watch over our pack up there and maybe Dad will even let you sleep in the recliner with him.
Nowhere near long enough…………………….



Thank you so much for giving those who did not truly know Cutter the way most of us did, a small peak into what truly made Cutter tick and what a wonderful dog she was. There was no doubt that she was your soul dog, friend, companion and protector. I remember my early days of meeting Cutter. You were sure to point out to make sure we watched our dogs and puppies so they didn't get in her face. She wasn't one to look for trouble but if you were not part of her pack she would let you know it. If you dared to walk by the truck without you in it and she was there, she certainly let you know you better not enter. I learned early on the way to Cutter was either through hunting or her stomach. Since Dan already captured her hunting heart I figured my way in was thru her stomach. So each time I saw her I came barring special goodies just for her. I think she began to expect them of me; so for me, entry into your truck was never an issue . I would just give her a heads up that it was me and she would look at me with those "soulful eyes" you spoke about and seemed to say it was OK I was now part of "her pack". Even when she wasn't in the truck, when she would see me she would look at me as if to say, "are you forgetting something?" and of course I never did forget. Right up until the last time I saw her, knowing it might be my last, I made sure to sneak her some extra cookies without the others seeing. She was afterall the grandmother of my dog Pepsi so she held a very special place in my heart. I also loved how faithful, loyal and devoted she was to you and her pack. I think that speaks volumes of what she was made of and I commend that committent she gave you. I have no doubts if pushed to the test that she would have defended you with her life. That is true and unselfish love. I know she is happily hunting all the birds she can find & still trying to protect you from above.

Farewell my Cutter-Butt. I will miss you more than people know.

Karen, Mark, Grady, Pepsi & Angel