Rhumbline’s Sky Buster "Bus"
May 01, 2006 ~ March 01, 2011
Yellow Male
Out of Laddy x Schooner
He is a full brother to Topper
A Champion in his own way
He coud always bring a smile to your face and a laugh when you were sad.
It is with a heavy heart that I am passing on the news of yet another loss to the Rhumbline family. Many of you have shared lots of good times and fun times with Bus before he moved to Canada and learned how to bark with an accent. Others have littermates. Bus came back to Joe and I in 2007, and went on to start his wonderful new life on November 24, 2008. Bus passed away after a battle with cancer, after so many other battles that he won in his short life. He encountered one last fight and it would be a fight he could not win.
Joe and I were thrilled when Deb helped us find such a wonderful home for Bus and we were so happy to get wonderful reports about Bus in his new home; how much he enjoyed life there and enjoyed spending time with the family including their two young boys. We will be forever grateful to Gwen and Bruce for providing Bus with such a caring and loving home. While Bus had a lot of trouble, trauma and trying times in his all too short life, he was always happy to see you. Sue and Dan have already shared some happy memories they have of Bus. I would love to be able to share more of those happy memories with his family who is so very sad right now as well as put them on this page. Please feel free to share with me and I will pass them along to his family. The following is a quote from his most recent "mom" and the mom that helped him recover so much and become a wonderful companion.
"He has been such a bright bouncy boy, always eager to be with his people... but he also had overcome so much in his life already. If there was ever a dog who would have trouble understanding and coping with the demands of chemo, Bus was that dog.
Bus was euthanized yesterday afternoon, cuddled in Bruce's arms, and eating treats happily until the sedation took effect.
I know that he was greatly loved by you. Please know that he was also greatly loved in our home. He is the first pet we have lost since our boys have been old enough to understand. Matthew, our 3 year old said last night "He was always so happy to see us."
Our thought and Prayers are with Gwen, Bruce and their young boys as they deal with this loss. Joe and I will be forever grateful to them for giving Bus the loving caring home he so deserved.