Rhumbline’s Fast Packer CD SH "Blaze" 
NAFC FC MD's Cotton Pick'n Cropper x Candlewood's Lotsa Go CD MH
July 31, 1996 ~ August 13, 2008
Black Female Bred By Susan Carpenter
OFA Hips Fair, Elbows Normal, Cardiac Normal, Cerf Clear, Optigen A, CNM Clear, PRA Clear
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Reg #: SN36852001
Blaze was an amazing dog, who accomplished more then everyone said she would be able. She loved doing the things people said she couldn't. After her surgery at the University of Penn they said she would never be able to compete and we would be lucky if she would be able to walk well enough to lead a quality 'pet' life. Compete she did passing her JH, SH and 4 Master Passes in a row, before the noise rule was changed in the AKC and Blaze's trademark squeal as she left the line started to cause her to fail, shortly afterward the damage in her leg caused her to retire from competiton. She did however manage a good number of seasons after that at Robins Island. She blessed us with 2 wonderful daughters and many other families with Blaze kids, grandkids and great grandkids. Aside from birds having puppies was her favorite time. Even if they weren't hers she still needed to clean and care for them. We were glad she got to know her latest great grand pups if even just for a little while.

My front seat may not always remain empty, but I will forever miss her as I look toward it. She was my copilot for so many years I am not sure what I will do without her there by my side. I always knew I was safe with her there.

Momma Dog we will all miss you more then words can say, be good and run in peace again.

May the birds be plentiful and the rules few. Be well my friend until we meet again.

Tell those that have gone before you I think of them often (Bucc, Izzy, Striker, Rosie and Tank, Cajun, Raider, Rascal) and long to go for a walk in there company. I am sure when dad gets in from sailing he will play ball with you for me.